An early peak at our vast new 26,000 sq ft Stansted Prefabrication Facility


TClarke’s new purpose built prefabrication facility at Stansted in Essex is a massive upgrade and investment in capability for our clients and their projects. A few weeks before the official opening, Director Richard Exell gives us an early peek inside the building.

What we have here is a Prefabrication Facility, staffed by our own very high quality directly employed teams, operating on a considerably expanded basis, to deliver a lot more.

We’re investing here because we are a world class operation and we want to support our clients - and their end users in the most efficient way for their projects. Prefabrication is one key element in the advancement of construction and the delivery of safer, faster, more complex projects - and buildings that can do more for their occupiers over their lifespans.

This expansion gives us a considerably enhanced capability for our clients, our directly employed team is expanding, the range of technical services is expanding and the quality of the environment for our people is also considerably enhanced.

Right now, a few weeks ahead of launch, we’re all tired but very pleased as a team to have brought the project in, on time, on budget.