Cambridge succcesses continue with Judge Business School


TClarke Central & South West Region has had considerable success with targeted tendering within the booming Cambridge Market. Managing Director Kevin Bones is pleased with the progress and with the development of the team.
Judge Business School is an exemplary TClarke project from a few perspectives and shows how we are developing.
Success in targeting a geographic market
We’ve built our reputation in the Cambridge market very steadily, working with partners, delivering quality and becoming a contractor of choice. Cambridge is a very buoyant market driven by the world class university and science that clusters here. The requirements are very often for the high quality projects in which TClarke excels. 
Success in targeted tendering
This is one in a series of large scale projects for our Region which we have targeted and won. Steadily, we have set out to go for these larger projects and it creates a virtuous circle in which we build better and bigger partnerships relationships with end users and principal contractors and build the market presence and reputation that supports us in identifying and winning further such projects. 
Success in developing our team’s capability
What I am also delighted to see is how our teams are flourishing and growing their skills on these larger project. Judge Business School is a great project for us - it is long term, large scale and the quality standards required are very high indeed. Our young engineers such as Electrical Contracts Engineer Nathan Fox and Site Engineer Andy Richter have the opportunity to prove themselves on a major and exacting project such as this. Moreover, it means that they are onsite, focused on a single project and collaborating with the principal contractor to deliver the client’s vision. 
 Photographed here are Electrical Contracts Engineer Nathan Fox, (centre) Site Engineer Andy Richter (left) and 2nd year apprentice Stephen Coupland.