Clients support TClarke Dumfries opening


TClarke Scotland Managing Director Gary Jackson sets out the strategy behind TClarke’s expansion into the borders of Scotland.

The truth is that the Dumfries opportunity came looking for us - rather than the other way round. Some key partner clients approached us separately and said ‘We like what you’re doing in central Scotland, what would you think about partnering with us on projects down in the borders?’

Those conversations developed into some significant sized opportunities,  which have now become contracts and live jobs for us. Moreover we had within the organisation a ready made leadership team with one of our senior people living in this expanding area .

This gave us the confidence that we could immediately consider delivering work to the TClarke standard should we choose to take the opportunity.

The third key factor has been the support from our head office team. TClarke has a very go ahead culture when it comes to taking opportunities. We reviewed the risks and opportunities and we got all the support we need - so here we are, very quickly set up and established in Dumfries, working with three major clients on three major projects with a potential pipeline in the region opening up for us too.

The Dumfries project is simple validation of the fact that people want to work with TClarke - they know what they get from us and they value it.  And when TClarke does enter a market, we do it the right way, creating local employment and engaging with  local supply chains . We’re very happy to be here and look forward to developing our residential plumbing & electrical services and FM services to support our established M&E operations.

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