John Burrows and Jo Lacey-Smith introduce London’s class of 2017


TClarke’s John Burrows and Jo Lacey-Smith are responsible for ensuring that TClarke gets the right quality of individual joining our highly regarded apprenticeship scheme in London and the South East.

Their deep personal knowledge of each individual - their circumstances, potential and their fit for the 'TClarke Way' of doing things, tell you a lot about TClarke’s approach to skills and talent. Here they share some of that knowledge:

1.   Charlie Foster is a bit of a football fanatic and quite a character. His dad used to play with Millwall and he himself was closely associated with the club

2.  Andreas Demetriou is a very pleasant and keen young man who has already had a bit of a career but is now looking to move forward and train as an electrician

3.  Christian Jensen gave up a career as a Kent dairy farmer to join us. Having been to agricultural college, I think he saw more opportunity and stability with us.

4.  Max Ewing’s dad works for SRM on the construction side at Selfridges and he was a referral in from our team there. He’s a very motivated young man.

5.  Alfie Harknett’s come straight from school. He is a classic TClarke apprentice; motivated and keen to get ahead.

6.  Sam Smith is a young man who knows that once he has the skill behind him then the world is his oyster - he’s very clearly motivated to develop his career.

7.  Cally Morley’s father did an apprenticeship with us many years ago and his sister works for TClarke at Selfridges and he’s keen to follow in his dad’s footsteps and knows how good our training is.

8.  Tom Chaplin is one of a very large number in this intake who could easily have gone to university but who preferred to come to us and get the skills and develop his career from there.

9.  Emily Lyons is one of several in this intake with a flair for football. She was playing for Gillingham, so she has all the drive and discipline and her move to us is a good one. She’s being mentored by TClarke employee Hayley Phippen who is now a QS at London Wall Place - and that mentoring will be invaluable in helping her thrive in the industry

10.  Kai Russell really has taken the initiative to get here. He was doing work experience and making a very good impression on people so TClarke construction manager John Adams called me. I came over, gave Kai some advice which he took. He followed that up with a strong interview and now, here he is at TClarke.

11. Alfie Chatfield’s dad is a director of HSS and he’s highly motivated to come into the industry, learn the skills and develop his career. He’s got ambition to be Apprentice of the Year and we always like to see that.

12. Macauley Cox was referred by one of our directors and is yet another one with the confidence, ambition and motivation to go a long way here.

13. Charlie McCaffery joined TClarke as a trainee QS, but then decided he wanted to do a full electrical apprenticeship to set his career on the right footing from the start. He’s already at work at IQL in Stratford under Dan Needham and made a point of phoning to say how much he was already enjoying it, and can’t wait to get even more involved.

14. Charlie Edwards is a nephew of Dean Edwards - one of our very successful construction managers and when we interviewed him he certainly showed that he fits the bill in terms of competence and attitude.

15. Ashley Lawson is a rugby player and at 29 he’s already been in the finance industry but decided he wants to get into our industry and develop the skills. He was referred by TClarke employee Luke Davidson and going forward he’s being mentored by Luke as well.

16. Michael Coffey was recommended by a client side connection of long standing and he struck me immediately as the right kind of motivated and ambition person for TClarke.

17. Jasper Diakanda is a very keen young man who was referred by one of last year’s new apprentices, Freddie Jones - so you can see we take referrals from people just stepping onto the ladder as well as those at the top of it.  Jasper’s self motivation really impressed me.

18. Jack Prunty is on the mechanical side and joining us to train to be a plumber, he’s certainly someone with a wide range of potential - again he was a referral from one of our directors.

19. Toby Kember-Hollands is our youngest apprentice this year but his age is no barrier to his enthusiasm and willingness to learn.

20. Callum O’Vell is a keen, bright young man who is looking forward to getting out on site and finding his feet.

21. Eoin Curran like a lot of young people decided that learning and earning rather than going down the University route really was the better option. He is a young man who’s ambition will take him far.