Leaders focus on safety, innovation and growth


TClarke Group CEO Mark Lawrence reviews progress following last week’s Leadership Strategy meeting in London which drew together senior leaders from across the business.

TClarke story is always about innovation and progress

As well as having a valuable focus on our traditional quality brand advantages - what we call the ‘TClarke Way’, this meeting also underlined that we’re a ‘go-ahead company’, capable of delivering value to shareholders and securing high quality jobs and career paths for our people, through our ability to innovate. That’s a bold statement but it is also true.

Going forward now, TClarke is going to show people innovation, progress and also the ambition to lead - and that fact was reflected in our meeting and in the challenges we’ve been setting ourselves.

Group focus on Health and Safety

It is important for everyone inside TClarke and outside, to know that when our leaders get together, health and safety is the headline issue on our agenda - and in this meeting we saw that focus. I’m personally very proud of our health and safety teams nationwide - and our challenge now is to keep switched on to safety and to keep on with the work that cuts complacency and aims to do better. As we now look to grow and do new things, the quality of our safety work is going to be critical.

Constant work to develop our leadership function and capability

We’ve been building the TClarke brand nationwide in the last five years and that has meant bringing our regional leaders into ever closer and more effective collaboration, in order to target the projects we want to win and deliver value. Now we’re focusing on innovation and steady growth and we have a business which we believe is well designed for the markets we serve - so we can challenge ourselves a bit harder to seek out those opportunities and the innovations which will take us ahead.

Progress on strategy is cause for optimism

Looking around the business, we can see project wins and completions which signal that we’re on strategy - winning the kind of projects we want and delivering the service and the resource quality which clients want. The work right now to deliver a record £400m order book should never be taken for granted - this is our lifeblood and it is a matter of great pride that our people nationwide do show the motivation and quality to deliver for clients day in and day out.