Michael Bloomberg shares his thanks as Bloomberg Place is unveiled


Like all the others involved in delivering this £1bn landmark, Mark Lawrence was pleased to receive the thanks of Michael Bloomberg on behalf of TClarke teams involved in the project.

Recently I was very proud as our team, led by Danny Nightingale showed analysts around the Bloomberg Place development. Since then, we’ve moved towards project completion and the hoardings have come down and now Londoners and city workers can see the new building for themselves.

Mr Bloomberg took the time to pass on his thanks to our team and It certainly is an amazing building which in many ways will help reset the concept and human expectations for a workplace in the digital age.

What strikes me as important here is that as people talk about a new digital age and a new world of work, with all kinds of change and transformation around the corner for everyone, what Michael Bloomberg’s vision tells us is that the quality of the built environment, the excellence of the details and the quality of thinking in the engineered solutions is hitting higher and higher standards. I believe that this commitment to quality in thinking and engineering will become increasingly standard - even where the components and materials are lower cost.

This is very good news for us. TClarke has been a partner of choice here because of our shared commitment to delivering quality. The next generation of commercial developments require this.