Ruskin Square - Mechanical business delivers key project on target


At 2 Million square feet of offices, shops and homes over 9 acres, with a rail station attached, Ruskin Square lives up to its billing as one of London’s more spectacular developments. TClarke London director Clive Carr explains the strategic importance of the job to the business.

There’s no doubt this is a key job for us. It is a large scale mechanical project and the first mechanical only project we’ve done for Stanhope - a long term TClarke client on the electrical side. As James Berry, TClarke Operations manager (pictured onsite) will tell you, the job has gone very well for us to date. We are on programme and on budget. We have now completed our work on this building and shown what we can do. There are four more buildings onsite so we would be hopeful of the opportunity to tender on one or more of those in turn.

The potential on the mechanical side for TClarke is considerable. People in the market want to see our brand of quality and delivery. Today we are delivering the same quality and ways of working in mechanical as we do on the electrical side. So our medium term ambition is for mechanical to match electrical in terms of scale.

But of course there is no rushing. The TClarke way is focused on client delivery, job by job and so we are always looking at sensible managed growth that is sustainable and substantial. What you can see, is that we are moving forward exactly as we said we would - and delivering excellent projects - just like this one.