Stansted is TClarke’s centre of manufacturing excellence


As TClarke announced the acquisition of ETON Associates, it was also announced that ETON’s precision controls manufacturing operation would be relocating to our newly opened Stansted Manufacturing operation. Group CEO Mark Lawrence highlights the power and potential of the whole operation.

A series of high quality manufacturing operations under one roof
At Stansted we have a 26,000 Sq ft purpose built manufacturing operation, where we will be manufacturing and prefabricating a range of mechanical modules and pipework, manufacturing a range of precision controls and associated equipment for our Healthcare Division and also manufacturing complex control panels for our newly acquired Buildings Management Systems operation.

Put that together and you have a sizeable and very powerful manufacturing operation that can develop into a true centre of manufacturing excellence and practical innovation that’s dedicated to supporting our clients’ projects.

Meeting the challenge of increasing building services complexity
As the complexity of building services increases, so the challenges of maximising value, speed and efficiency - both in the construction process and in the end result you deliver for the building owner or user - also increases. What you can see with TClarke is that we are amassing the full range of skills and expertise that clients and principal contractors will need in order to meet those challenges fully.

The market has an appetite for TClarke quality services and approach
Technology and the arrival of Big Data is now sweeping through the property industry, transforming the needs that end users have for their buildings. It is this market-driven demand that we have identified and are meeting with TClarke services. People know that our brand stands for directly employed, highly skilled and highly motivated teams. What you see in Stansted is one aspect of the changing face of Building Services and we’re glad to be driving things forward for our clients.