TClarke London moves forward with next round of landmark projects


As TClarke achieves project completion on Bloomberg Place, London Wall Place and Rathbone Square we see the company’s teams moving onto the next round of major projects. TClarke London director Barrie Nightingale provides some analysis of what’s happening:

Completion of landmarks 

If you walk through London you will see many of the major construction projects involving TClarke teams. We are now reaching project completion at Bloomberg Place - a job where quality in the detail and finish has been exceptional and which stands as an advertisement for our work - alongside that of all those involved. 

The teams at Rathbone Place, where we’ve gone beyond the shell and core to deliver Facebook’s installation and London Wall Place, are also in the process of completion. Meanwhile we’re at work at International Quarter London, which is transforming the commercial environment in Stratford and building a whole new commercial district, just as we have helped do in Canary Wharf.

Continuity with major partners

You will see our teams then moving on immediately to new projects with long term partners.
For example, having completed their work for GPE at Rathbone Place, the TClarke team is moving on with them, working this time with principal contractor Mace, at another high quality mixed used landmark - 7-10 Hanover Square. We’re working with Stanhope at Selfridges and bringing another London icon up to date, working with partners who value what we can deliver.

That continuity is a highly significant aspect of our work in London. Relationships count for a lot and you will see TClarke teams and engineers being sought out specifically because people know they can deliver the quality and capability needed to get that project delivered.

Managing our order book carefully means that, for example the engineering leadership team now released from Bloomberg Place is able to move on to our 22 Bishopsgate project working with another major long term partner - Multiplex. 

Diversity and quality define the order book

In London you see an order book which is defined by diversity and quality - we have major commercial developments including full building services packages, we have major high end residential, we have towers and we have high-end mixed use; we also have core and shell and a range of fit outs for end users and data centre work. The new projects - including Southbank Place, One Nine Elms, 7-10 Hanover Square - are entered into with the purpose of sustaining the quality and diversity of that order book going forward - they provide substantial confidence in the short and medium term. They also give our teams the kind of work they enjoy, take pride in and on which they can develop their skills and expertise - so there are several virtuous circles going on there.

Landmarks in technology as well as scale

The order book in London right now is not just standing at a record level in terms of scale. It is important to keep on emphasising that we’re at the sharp end of major technology advances in the built environment - with 22 Bishopsgate and the integration work which we, with our newly acquired business ETON, are carrying out. The picture is a good one.