TClarke runs the marathon


Vicki Knight of TClarke South West was one of several TClarke people to run and complete the London marathon. Here is her story:

My reason to run was to give something back to CLIC Sargent who have been amazing support during a very hard time. My partner’s son Jake was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia back in September last year, he has undergone some tough treatment with chemo, but is now in his last cycle and is officially in remission. CLIC have been there to offer support every step of the way and we stayed in the CLIC house located in Bristol when Jake was up at the Bristol Children’s hospital.
I wanted to raise as much money as I possibly could as CLIC’s work really does make a difference to young lives affected by cancer.

The London Marathon was the toughest journey for me not only physically but mentally as well. When I started training I couldn’t run half a mile let alone 26 of them, but slowly through the weeks of training I built the miles up to do a final long run of 18 miles. There were lots of tears, tantrums, injuries, smiles, giggles and many more emotions which led me to the start line. I have suffered with anxiety in the past and just being at the start with thousands of people was a big test for me, I did question whether I could make it through the start line but once I did, it was amazing. The experience really has changed my life, I have images and memories that I will cherish forever. One magical moment was going over Tower Bridge with hundreds of people cheering your name, I will never forget it!
I feel overwhelmed with the support I had through my fundraising and would like to say a massive thank you to TClarke, friends, family, colleagues and everybody else that donated or has listened to me moan, cry and talk about the marathon for the last 6 months! I feel privileged I had the opportunity to take part in the London Marathon and raise nearly £5,000 so far for CLIC Sargent who have been amazing support to Jake through his treatment but who were awesome support to me leading up to the marathon and during the race day.

Vicki’s charity page is at

And in London Chris Richards, David Richards, Alex Allman all agreed to run the London Marathon in support of All Souls Clubhouse.

All Souls Clubhouse is a community centre based in Fitzrovia, Central London. As part of our ongoing works on the Rathbone Square project, All Souls has again invited TClarke to run on behalf of their charity so we accepted the challenge

Chris Richards commented: ‘I am sure our colleagues and partners are tired of us moaning about the injuries and distress caused from training but it was a great achievement.’

All Souls Clubhouse provide a host of activities for the local community including kids clubs, lunch and shopping outings for the elderly and shelter, food and support for the homeless.

The charity link is at:

Meanwhile, TClarke Scotland’s Elyse McBride set out to complete three marathons! As she says, the Charity she is running for is Cancer Charity, Maggie’s Centres

In 2016 I decided I wanted to raise as much money as I could in 2017 for Maggies Fife, a centre that provides physical and emotional support to those facing cancer as well as families and friends, but I knew to reach my target of £5,000 I had to do something that most others wouldn’t. Most people don’t even dream of doing one marathon, never mind three. I had originally just planned on doing two marathons, having entered the ballot for London but knowing how slim my chances were at getting a place. In October I found out I’d got a place in the ballot for London though so my challenge then got a little more scary with the London marathon and Edinburgh only being 5 weeks apart.
I suffered from a knee injury before the Disney marathon so I wasn’t prepared for it at all. It’s safe to say that once I completed Disney I thought ‘never again!’. However, after a bit of debate whether to defer my entry for London to next year, hoping I’d be injury free by then, I decided I couldn’t do that with the amount of money I had already raised. I ran the London marathon at the weekend and it was the best experience of my life. The crowds were crazy and really pushed you on. After London I didn’t think ‘never again’, it’s been a bit more like ‘when’s the next one’.
Elyse’s charity page is at: