Update from Europe’s largest urban development - International Quarter London


Clive Carr is onsite at the vast International Quarter London project in Stratford, east London where TClarke London’s mechanical operation is now showing what a strategic advantage it can offer within the firm’s combined M&E operation. 

“When we combined our M&E operations in London, our goal was to build a market presence and reputation in mechanical and electrical contracting to match our reputation in purely electrical work. International Quarter London represents another major step along the way.

“We have two very large scale projects currently underway working for our partner Lendlease. Developing a long term business relationship on the mechanical side with Lendlease is a key strategic opportunity for TClarke and our teams are working hard to deliver what’s required.

Building S6 - new HQ for Transport for London

"On this 11 storey, 25,000m2 project we have a mechanical package. Here the physical installation is coming to a close and we’ve now started testing the works in preparation for the commencement of commissioning which will being in a month’s time. We’re putting in a focused effort now, working with Lendlease on detailed quality inspections and sign offs and this is the point at which a project moves from being a construction project and moves into the fit-out stage.

Building S5 - new HQ for Financial Conduct Authority

"If you look at the 20 storey, 49,000m2 Building S5 you see that we are working on a large scale mechanical and electrical package and we are now at the point where first fix works have commenced. We are currently installing on level 4 and progressing to level 5 with the first delivery of chilled beams having taken place on 9th January.

Cost and technical support to Lendlease on further major projects within the development

"This is Europe’s largest urban development and Lendlease are both developer and Principal Contractor. In addition to working on S5 and S6 we’re now providing cost and technical support for further large projects within the development.

“If you look at our work here, at Ruskin Square, Croydon and at projects across London, you can now see the plans coming together. TClarke is working with major clients and delivering on these projects to the standards you expect to be associated with our name.”