Why is 22 Bishopsgate a true ‘gamechanger’?


TClarke’s Group CEO Mark Lawrence explains why 22 Bishopsgate merits that title and changes the landscape for both the commercial office construction sector and the TClarke group.

This is a world-scale construction project with 1.275 million sq ft of office space, plus 100,000 sq ft of amenity space for 12,000 occupiers. Sir Stuart Lipton of Lipton Rogers calls it “a new Vertical Village campus, reflecting the City’s ever changing consumer base.” Pierre Vaquier, the CEO of the building owners AXA IM - Real Assets, says “22 Bishopsgate will deliver a new standard of workplace.” When you look at the project specification, both of those statements are readily validated; that’s why it is a very big deal to be involved, as TClarke are, in delivering the full range of M&E services.

A new standard for intelligent office buildings

When you walk into 22 Bishopsgate, advanced recognition systems will identify you automatically and give you entry to the building. The building’s systems will have the ability to then go on to find your team’s location on that day and the specific workspace you’ve been allocated. You will then get access to all of the services that you need - from lockers to gyms and so on - as well as your computer and, crucially, your data.

If you pause to think all of that through, you can see that this makes huge differences to the way in which people can occupy, manage and use their space and services. Everything has the potential to become far more dynamic and far better attuned to the ways will want to work and collaborate with colleagues.

The TClarke package is complex and comprehensive

When you realise how advanced the building will be, you can understand the significance of being selected to deliver not just one but the whole series of mechanical, electrical, fire alarm, information systems and the extra low voltage  packages.

Bringing a building like this to life, helping to maximise the practical buildability of design, identifying key areas of challenge and opportunities for value creation and then having the capability and scale to deliver through the construction phase is a world-scale engineering challenge.

We recognise the scale of the challenge and also the opportunity, working with Multiplex, to establish our expertise and leadership in the market, doing something that takes the whole industry forward.

A project with strategic potential for the TClarke group

TClarke is a highly skilled, value adding engineering business. We work on some of the most complex and challenging construction projects and this is what allows our people to remain among the most skilled and expert in the industry.

This new standard of intelligent building gives building owners and occupiers vast extra potential to maximise the usage and value of a commercial office. As well as creating a fresh standard for new-build office developments, there may be market opportunities to retrofit this standard of intelligence and integration into existing buildings. Being a leader in that capability will be a major commercial advantage.

See the short video intro to our 22 Bishopsgate package here