1987 : a very good year for TClarke

6/1/20: Neil Murray is today a Project Manager at TClarke’s Portishead office, sharing responsibiity for the considerable success of that team in delivering major projects in the South West. In a recent review of archived records, all the correspondence emerged relating to his selection for a TClarke apprenticeship, way back in 1987. 

It was a surprise to find all these records (neatly filed away as you’d expect with TClarke), including the handwritten letter which I sent in on the 2nd of April 1987, mentioning the TClarke advertisement I had seen on my school noticeboard. I was sixteen years old.

I think all these records, including the letters that were sent back to me and my application form,  show a company that does things in an organised way and takes particular care of the people who join. The care and approach you experience from the first contact doesn’t change – it is something that sustains.

I’m not unusual in choosing to follow my career with TClarke, successfully and happily over so many decades – the company shows loyalty and it gets a lot of loyalty in return. That’s probably the most obvious reason why we work to high standards and put a lot into our client relationships. It is personal for all of us and over the years, starting with our apprenticeships, we get to value the TClarke Way of doing things and the projects we deliver. The good thing is that with apprenticeships today, none of that care and attention that I experienced as a sixteen year old has gone – in fact, you can see that the company is now probably even better at supporting people through their apprenticeships with us.