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Career paths across many disciplines

TClarke can offer you a career in many disciplines and our Training Academy will ensure that you can take your career on with us in the direction that suits you.

Here are three personal stories from across our business.

Succession Planning

TClarke people know that capability and hard work can take you to the top. With our Future Leaders and Training Academy programmes we are ensuring that our support for personal growth and development is well focused.

Elyse McBride

Trainee Quantity Surveyor

Elyse McBride had the opportunity to go to university but instead chose a TClarke electrical engineering apprenticeship. Here she explains what happened next.

George Antino

Project Manager

George Antino works for TClarke Infrastructure Division. Still in his early twenties, George led TClarke's team in helping to deliver the Victoria Station Upgrade - one of the highest pressure M&E jobs around. Now he has moved on to the equally high profile Bank Station Capacity Upgrade. Here's how his TClarke career started.

Chris Richards

Project Director

Chris Richards has been with TClarke since he started his apprenticeship 18 years ago and now he is a Project Director. His approach to building relationships with partners is a great example of the TClarke Way. Here he explains how that approach works in practice on a major commercial project - Rathbone Square - which is Facebook's new HQ.