Key facts

Here's how we operate, differentiate ourselves in the market and create value for all our stakeholders

Five Market Sectors

The areas of the construction market which we target

We have five complementary target sectors. Together, these give us balance in our business and help us to build market leading skills and expertise. Operating in these sectors also allows us to develop the range of services our clients are looking for and tender for the projects for which our skills are most valued.

Infrastructure – We work on major transport, healthcare, education, prison and defence projects across the country, ensures balance in our order book, as we achieve our strategic goals. 

Residential – Across the UK, we are active in the residential, hotel and student accommodation marketplace. In Scotland, we lead as a ‘one-stop shop’, partnering quality home-builders. 

Technologies – We see substantial growth opportunities within this sector and the plans we have laid are delivering value: TClarke is a market leader with critical advantages. 

Engineering Services – Engineering Services is our core business nationwide. We focus on landmark projects, working for long-term partners and principal contractors who value the advantages we bring. 

Facilities Management – We are specialists in Facilities Management, targeting long-term relationships and major framework agreements. 

Our Competitive Advantages

The reasons why the market chooses the TClarke brand

TClarke’s brand is well known in the construction industry. In a traditionally competitive and price driven sector, these practical advantages provide compelling reasons for developers and principal contractors to select TClarke.

People – We employ highly qualified and experienced professional engineering staff and operatives and run an extensive, industry-leading apprenticeship scheme, which provides an ongoing source of high-quality people.

Relationships – We focus on building long-term relationships nationwide with principal contractors and clients.

Nationwide Coverage – We cover the whole of mainland UK with 20 offices, organised in four regional operations that mirror our clients’ organisation and serve their needs effectively. Technology – We are a high-technology business and leaders in the delivery of complex installations and new technologies. We invest to ensure we stay at the forefront of technological advances.

Reputation – As a market leader, we have built a reputation for delivery and quality.

For the full construction lifecycle

Design, Procure, Install, Maintain

TClarke is not just involved in the construction phase. Our expertise adds value to a project at each stage in its lifecycle.

Design – We design and value engineer systems, drawing on innovative approaches and our technology expertise to provide intelligent building solutions.

Procure – We add value through expert procurement of the necessary materials, services and expertise across the life of a project.

Install – We employ highly qualified and experienced in-house engineering teams of professionals and operatives to install and deliver our solutions and services.

Maintain – Our in-house teams provide specialist mechanical, electrical and ICT maintenance services to support the ongoing functioning of a building throughout its lifecycle.

Bringing the building to life

with power, services and systems

A building has a shell and a core that keep the weather out and keep it standing. It also has an internal fabric and decoration. Everything else in between – all the things that power it, heat it, light it and make it intelligent – are our area of expertise.

Power is distributed and controlled.

Services – including heating, lighting, ventilation, water, waste and their networks and controls.

Data networks are made resilient and secure.

Internet services and coverage are delivered throughout the space.

Alarm, security and safety systems are integrated and controlled.

Building Management Systems are integrated along with all the IP addressable components on the system. Data and control of the building is brought together within advanced graphic user interfaces that make them easy to use.

Organised in Three Regions

Matching our client base

TClarke’s three regions provide principal contractors with complete, large scale TClarke Building Services to work on their projects anywhere in the country. We have 20 offices nationwide.

London  – This region houses our Headquarters operation and our SE office in Sittingbourne. Our main Offsite Manufacturing centre at Stansted is also based in this region.

UK South – We operate from bases in St Austell, Plymouth and Portishead in the South West. Our Central operations are based in Oxford, Birmingham, Peterborough, Huntingdon and Derby. This region has additional expertise and focus in Healthcare, FM and is also home to our new Climate Controls business and our support function teams.

UK North – Operates from bases in Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle and Leeds to cover the whole of the North of England,  where we have substantial specialist industrial Facilities Management expertise and from bases in Eurocentral, Aberdeen and Dumfries in Scotland, where we have particular depth of expertise in our Residential & Hotels; Accommodation and Technologies businesses.




Creating Stakeholder Value

Creating real value for all our stakeholders

TClarke’s business model delivers clear and consistent value to all of those who have an interest in our company, and to the communities and society of which we’re part.

For shareholders – The ability to identify and take opportunities to grow the business and deliver progressive returns.

For customers – Total reliability in project delivery, quality and safety alongside high technical skills.

For employees – Industry-leading career paths within a world class organisation and project work to take pride in.

For partners – A collaborative and open approach to work which maximises value, efficiency and productivity.

For society – The high quality built environment, high quality engineering jobs and highly responsible approaches we all want.