Our Story

When we started in 1889, we were pioneers in the most advanced technology of the age. Tommy Clarke founded this company in the same year Edison was finally commercialising his lightbulbs patents. From the offices pictured above, on Sloane Street in Knightsbridge, we electrified Royal Palaces, stately homes and government offices.

In the following 130 years, we’ve retained a reputation for quality, based on the work our people do. We’ve stayed independent throughout that time and built a culture that the market has placed its trust in.

TClarke is constantly changing and evolving our skill base to stay at the edge of technology and technical skills. But the emphasis on quality jobs for quality people has never changed.

From Palaces to Smart Towers

When gold mining tycoon Sir Abe Bailey wanted his stately home to feature the latest in technology and power, he called in TClarke. You can see our team in the photo, standing behind our installation.

We have always believed in direct employment

While others have chosen different routes, we have always believed that by giving people lifelong career paths, we can build a stronger business and play a stronger role in our communities.

We have transformed skylines

The view south between London Bridge and Tower Bridge is one of many vistas in which you can see how, decade by decade, we've played our part in making London a world city.

Building partnerships that run deep

Our Central team has worked with Waitrose and John Lewis successfully on dozens of projects over recent years. This film shows why our partnerships work.

And rooting ourselves in our local communities

As an organisation we take our responsibilities to society and to the environment seriously. Wherever you find our business, you also find real jobs and real involvement in the local area.

We're Focused on the Future

As TClarke approaches its 130th Anniversary, the company is stronger than ever, on a journey of growth and focused on the future.