Apprentice Power Tool Training Day

9/12/21: Another new cohort of TClarke apprentices in London are given a Power Tool Training Day : Health and Safety Manager, Josh Bourne reports.

It’s well known that TClarke invest heavily in quality training for our apprentices and this is a very good example of the way we educate our apprentices.

The Power Tool Training Day allows us to establish very clearly in the minds of all of our new joiners just how seriously we take the whole issue of safety – and then how seriously we take the practical side of safety training.

The day gives our apprentices very clear instruction and a proper and thorough grounding in the use of power tools. We host it here at our world class DfMA manufacturing centre in Stansted. Getting days like this right, detail by detail is at the heart of the TClarke Way so my commendations go to everyone involved in making it a success.