Derby team with seventh phase at Beaufort Park

14/10/19: TClarke Derby’s Steve Ceiley introduces this major new M&E win with long term partner St George.

We are absolutely delighted to be able to announce that in competitive tender, we have won a seventh phase of work for the mechanical and electrical services for 384 residential units at St George’s Beaufort Park residential development in Hendon.

This will be a 25 month build and as has been the case to date, both the mechanical and the electrical services will be delivered by TClarke Derby’s team.

This is a major project and we have a well established site team of 40 people and so they will be able to move on seamlessly from their work on previous phases.

To me, this shows you a lot about TClarke – the long term relationship, the quality of our people really getting to know what our clients want and our ability to use our advantages to win major projects like this one.