‘Everyone’s been very welcoming and respectful – its a great work environment’

1/6/21: As one of the three finalists in the TClarke Apprentice of The Year, Kyle Hancock has won a place on the company’s prestigious Future Leaders programme. He talk about his experiences so far.

What did your selection as a finalist tell you?

Simply that I’m doing the right things, I’m moving on the right path and working to the company’s standards and expectations. That might not be so much of a big deal at another company but here the standards are very high and so as an apprentice you realise from the start that you’ve got to commit yourself if you want to achieve them.

What sense of TClarke have you developed over these years?

My feelings about the company are simple – its a very good company, it is a big company and at the same time, from the very first day, there’s been a personal connection. Everyone’s been very welcoming and respectful – its a great work environment and people have helped me out. If ever I have needed anything, I’ve always been able to make a call, have a word and then whether from managers or engineers or people in the office, there’s always been a good answer.

What are your expectations for the Future Leaders programme?

I’m very excited to be on the programme. There are so many success stories of people who have been on it and I’m just excited to get cracking. The people who run it are highly knowledgeable and successful within the company and the industry – what more do you need to know?