“Getting onto the Future Leaders programme is a massive privilege”

1/6/21: Winner of TClarke Apprentice of The Year, Dean Callan talks about his experiences as an apprentice and the place he has secured on the TClarke Future Leaders programme.

What do you think got you over the line as winner in the final?

Like many other TClarke apprentices, I have had success in external National Apprenticeship awards, so maybe that experience was a help. For sure, the competition within TClarke is of a very high standard. I think also that the judges could see the progression in me as an apprentice.

What do you put your progress down to?

Here in Scotland we have the Apprentice Steering Group which the company runs for us. It allows like minded apprentices to get together, work on set projects on things like health and safety and quality of work and think in a wider frame about business challenges. I’ve certainly got a lot from that and from the engineers, site teams and office teams within the business. So many people have extended a hand to help me on the way.

Are you excited about the Future Leaders programme?

Getting onto the Future Leaders programme is a massive privilege. It isn’t just the quality of the tuition it is also about the opportunity to network across the business with others in the same boat as yourself.  

What would you say to someone considering an apprenticeship at TClarke?

It is so clear that coming here is an excellent career move. It isn’t just learning a trade at the best place in the industry. Getting the trade is not the be all and end all – it is only the beginning and you can go anywhere in the company and anywhere in the world.