Growth in Scotland fuelled by larger complex projects

11/11/21 : As TClarke Scotland builds an enhanced mechanical team and welcomes a series of new clients, a trend towards larger more complex residential projects is fuelling a strong sense of growth and opportunity. Chris Harris, Deputy MD Scotland explains:

It is certainly an optimistic time for our Scotland business. We have been fortunate to win a number of awards for our work, we are seeing the cycle of talent development, highlight new leaders for our business and we’re attracting new, talented and forward-thinking engineers into the business too. Moreover, we’ve taken the opportunity to expand and enhance our in-house mechanical engineering offering. 

One of the reasons we have chosen to do this is because we’re seeing a positive trend across our client base towards more complex major residential builds. Recently, we’ve reported on projects like Cala Homes East, Boroughmuir and Cala Homes East, Donaldson. These are large scale, complex engineering challenges and a step on from the more traditional individual unit, residential developments which have been the mainstay of our business. 

They contain more centralised plant and equipment rooms, involve more complex security, alarm and building management systems, they may require underground car parking with more technically advanced ventilation requirements, and they also feature shared amenity spaces with far higher specifications. These developments move us towards the kind of complex, higher value projects that our business delivers in London.

Previously, in a residential shell and core project we might have found a relatively simple lighting package, we are now often involved in complex, seven figure revenue packages. It is a step change.

The trend towards higher specification, complex urban residential developments is market driven. People are looking for greater quality and more facilities – be they swimming pools, underground car parking, gyms or better reception areas – they all add to the engineering challenge.

Scotland has always delivered substantial technical capability and engineering innovation for the Group as a whole. As we further enhance our in-house capabilities, building steadily, the TClarke way, there’s every reason to feel very positive about our prospects going forward.