Healthcare team cranes twelve modular MRI and CT units ready for fit out

23/5/22: TClarke Healthcare is at work across the UK to deliver the next generation of facilities. At Basildon University Hospital this include modular scanning units – bringing a range of our specialist expertise together. Nigel Thompson reports.

We recently secured a project at Basildon University hospital to provide a modular MRI & CT facility. Over the past 6 weeks, our teams have prepared a suitable screw pile and concrete sub structure to provide a foundation within the courtyard for the new modular facility. Now, over the last weekend, we have also successfully delivered the main 12 modular units in their skeleton format ready for fitout.

One challenging aspect of programme delivery has been the need to crane the units over the top of the Hospital with a 70’ reach and then to lower them into a tight courtyard area that doesn’t provide any easy access otherwise. Over the next 6 weeks the skeleton structure will be fitted out ready for delivery of the MRI & CT.