Healthcare wins two more hospital imaging projects and expands into vet market

1/7/19 : TClarke has won hospital imaging projects for new Cath Labs at Heartlands Hospital, Birmingham and a new MRI facility at St Helier Hospital, Carshalton. This follows on a string of recent completions including a new Cath Lab UPS installation at HCA London Bridge Hospital, a Fluoro Room UPS installation for London Hammersmith Hospital, a new Cath Lab installation at NHS Royal Blackburn Hospital and twin Cath Lab and Infrastructure Modifications for NHS Wythenshawe Hospital, Manchester. Nigel Thompson reports on the ongoing success of our healthcare operation which he leads.

Growing demand as equipment lifecycles shorten and need increases

The demand in diagnostic imaging increases year on year across the Health sector and whereas the average lifespan of imaging equipment used to be seven to ten years, it is now around five years due to technology advances and competition between global equipment suppliers.

TClarke is a market leader in medical controls panels manufacture and in turnkey installation of medical imaging suites

We have deep partnership relationships with major global imaging companies – Our Controls Panel operation (where we manufacture medical imaging control panels at our manufacturing operation in Stansted)  has now expanded beyond GE and Siemens, with a new 3 year deal being agreed with Philips Healthcare. 

We are also currently in negotiations with another Medical Imaging supplier for the same. These partnerships keep us at the cutting edge of the technology as it develops and they have also helped us establish ourselves as a leader in imaging equipment installations. 

Steady and sustained growth opportunities

As ever with TClarke, we are disciplined and selective in seeking low risk projects, where we can deliver the returns our business strategy targets – so our growth opportunity here is steady and sustained.

And there is a steady trend to report. On TClarke ‘turnkey’ installation projects (where we deliver the whole construction installation of imaging suites), end clients are placing a premium on the quality and professionalism which our teams offer – and equipment manufacturers are noticing this, project by project.

The healthcare market is large, with inevitable long term growth prospects, as the population ages and as medical imaging offers more and more for patients. In the last six months, we have also ventured in the Veterinarian Market, carrying out works for IVC, the UK’s largest independent Vet care organisation, providing support for CT and MRI Diagnostic imaging equipment.

Part of a strong infrastructure story

The success of our healthcare team underlines the fact that TClarke’s depth of technical expertise and delivery across many key areas of infrastructure gives us a competitive edge we can build on – and an offer that makes sense in the long term for our markets.