In-house App suite drives digital business transformation

21/6/22: TClarke’s Group CEO, Mark Lawrence, introduces another key strategic move in the ongoing digital transformation that is positioning TClarke for leadership and a strong future .

Over recent years, we have been working on what amounts to a full scale digital transformation inside our business. Our purpose is to create ease for our people and efficiency for our business.

Digital transformation allows us to keep on creating and sustaining high quality, full time engineering careers. It unlocks serial productivity benefits for our principal contractor, supply chain and end client partners.

As part of our strategic planning, we identified the opportunity to introduce a new generation of smartphone apps to cover safety and environmental reporting, personal admin and materials requisitioning. 

We have a strong track record of success in this field. We were the first in our market to introduce a smartphone safety reporting app – and we’ve taken that app through several successful generations already.

The new apps are significant for a few reasons:

Firstly, they have been designed in-house. We did initially look across the market place at any ‘off-the-shelf’ products that we could buy – but there was nothing with the features and integration opportunities that we required. We have substantial software skills in -house so we decided to do the work ourselves and plug the apps directly into our management information and business systems. 

Secondly, they further increase the digital integration of our entire operations. Major areas of work which consumed time and a lot of paper are now going fully digital. This constant pressure to eliminate paper from our processes and gain valuable new data streams to help improve as we go forward is absolutely typical of all digital transformations. As ever, TClarke is proud to be a leader and innovator in our engineering services markets.

Thirdly, we want to keep improving the working conditions for our people – our greatest asset. This has been another priority throughout the process. We want to be an employer that gets these things right for our people. It is a mark of respect for their commitment and professionalism – another way in which we give our people what they can expect from a modern company.

So, across the board we have used the apps to save our people time and hassle and make things easier for them to do their work. So for example, signing in and out of site, which has traditionally been a time consuming physical process will now be far easier – allowing our site operatives to go straight to their work area rather than needing to go into the site office location first. 

And these apps are also designed with the comfort of being fully compliant with all privacy requirements too. Getting the privacy and data protection side of things right is another area in which we’ve been focused.

We have always been innovators. These apps show just how deep practical digital transformation goes within our organisation.