In Touch With Tomorrow

13/2/20: Mark Lawrence, Group CEO explains the thinking behind the Group’s strategy going forward and the theme that encapsulates it : ‘In Touch With Tomorrow’.

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of presenting at the Growth and Innovation Forum where we introduced our business with the theme ‘In Touch With Tomorrow’. This theme has several layers of meaning and relevance for our business today.

We are on a growth journey and our progress has been steady and strong. The cornerstone of everything has been a clear margin target of 3%. Get this right and everything follows. And so over the last few years our whole business nationwide has worked hard to get the focus right; to target the right kind of projects, to win them and to deliver them well. We are well on track to achieving our margin target and sustaining it, but we are already looking beyond that point. 

Look ahead and you can see that our technology and M&E leadership is helping us to secure the next generation of construction projects. Our Gooee partnership deal is another milestone on our technology journey and at the same time, you can see that our long term investment in people means that today we have the local, in-house high quality skillsbase that clients need. This investment in people also means that TClarke is today delivering the highly-skilled, full-time careers that people want in communities right across Britain.

We are on track with our growth plans, we are funding them through our own success and we are looking to build sensibly and steadily. TClarke has an exciting future ahead of it – and we’re in good shape to embrace that future. So for all these reasons, we believe that TClarke is clearly ‘In Touch With Tomorrow’.  

The picture attached to this story shows me on a project visit last week with Chris Powell, one of our Group Safety Advisors. TClarke has a volume of highly motivated and capable young people like Chris, who know our values , work to them, day in, day out and can look forward to long careers with our business. So on a human level, as well as in business terms, the phrase ‘In Touch with Tomorrow’ means something real.