Introducing our new partner Gooee

30/1/20 : Today we are announcing our partnership with smart buildings software company Gooee. this short list of questions and answers provides a brief introduction to the business and its value to us.

What is Gooee ?

Gooee is a software solution that connects all of a building’s controls systems (including heating, A/C, lighting, security, space utilisation & air quality) and controls them, via a ‘single pane’ so you can improve the building’s energy efficiency and sustainability as well as saving money.

Gooee can be installed on new builds as well as retro-fitted on existing buildings.

What makes Gooee outstanding?

Gooee has specific critical advantages which make it particularly attractive for the owners and end users of buildings. 

Firstly, being interoperable means that it can work with a wide range of software systems. This makes it easier to buy with confidence.

Secondly, Gooee is a well proven solution. It has rapidly developed a strong track record in the Dutch market and so we can already see proven performance and value in what is a new and innovative solution for our UK market.

Thirdly, drawing together all of our knowledge and experience in the industry, we can see that the range of functionality, the robustness and user-friendliness of the solution and its practical ‘buildability’ makes this the kind of market leader that the property and construction industries are actively looking for right now.

Most importantly, Gooee’s critical difference is that users can both visualise the data points from a building management system (BMS) and, more importantly, take control of the BMS remotely – so they can manage one building – or a whole porfolio of buildings with maximum efficiency. This is a very significant combination of advantages for building owners.

Why is the time right for this deal?

The global drive on climate change has major and immediate impacts for UK construction. In the UK, government targets mean that all new builds will need to show ‘net zero carbon emissions’ within a decade. Given the timescales of construction, this deadline demands immediate action. There is also a similar level of pressure on owners of existing buildings to take action now.

Allied to the ‘push’ effect of this pressure, is a strong financial ‘pull’. The technology and software costs in this area have now come down to the point where they are available at prices which make it commercially attractive for building owners, managers and users to take action. As well as improving efficiency, taking action in this area can save money by reducing energy costs and improving building utilisation.

From a technology and a construction perspective, there is also now a sufficient body of expertise and experience within the industry for building owners and users to feel confidence in the practical benefits they will get.

How does Gooee deliver savings and benefits in practice? 

Gooee provides three areas of specific benefits:

  • Easier maintenance & servicing – reducing call-outs from:

False alarms & issues that can be fixed remotely

When a callout does occur, it allows engineers to learn what they will need to focus on & optimise time

  • Increased sustainability & energy efficiency

Ironing out inherent configuration errors to extend the assets lifetime & reduce energy consumption e.g. concurrently heating & cooling a building 

Dynamically manage schedules for lighting, heating & cooling systems based on demand e.g. seasonal & occupancy to save energy consumption

Data generation for carbon reduction initiatives

  • An Upgraded, Smart, Responsive Building

A Smart Building provides additional benefits and features, enabling building owners the opportunity to offer potential tenants more reasons to consider it for rental. The value to the tenant is clearly greater the longer they stay in the building by reducing costs, improving well-being and increasing productivity to attract/retain talent.