Why invest in TClarke?

Investor Case

Our investor case shows a strong, balanced business, funding its own growth and focused on new technologies.

Balanced Business Model

Sustainable revenues across our five market sectors. An integrated offering and expertise in technology solutions differentiates us from competitors and we strive to be the contractor of choice for all projects. 90% of our revenue comes from existing clients.

Disciplined and Robust Risk Management

We operate a highly effective and selective approach to tendering and potential customer risk assessment. We adopt a robust and consistent approach with regard to profit recognition and claims provisioning.

Growth Strategy

We have a revenue target of £500m within 3 years whilst maintaining our operating margin.

Forward Revenue Visibility

Our secured forward order book at 31st December 2021 stood at a record £534 million, including £168 million booked for 2022 and beyond. Pipeline bid opportunities typically exceed £1 billion.

Improving Profitability

We are focused upon margin sustainability at 3% but always seeking ways to improve upon this. We seek to sustain this alongside a growing order book.

EPS Growth and Progressive Dividend Policy

We strive to increase earnings over the cycle and are committed to a progressive dividend policy, whilst balancing the rewards to shareholders with the interests of our wider stakeholders.

Strong Cash Flow and Balance Sheet

Our cash generation is strong and planned capital investment for efficiency and growth is funded from internal resources.