Investor video presentation Mello 2019

Mello London May 2019

Investor Presentation

In May, following our AGM, Group CEO Mark Lawrence and Group Finance Director Trevor Mitchell delivered a shareholder presentation at the MELLO conference. The presentation contains detailed insights into the current shape, strategy and prospects of the business.  

Timeline and Topics

Time           Topic

3.11                   What we do, where we operate,  TClarke brand and people

4.30                  Where you come across TClarke in your life – clients and projects

5.57                   Financial strategy and highlights – 

7.36                   Current market expectations for tclarke

8.39                   Scale and spread of project values

9.40                   Five Key markets and revenue splits

11.13                   Strategy for growth

12.20                  Investor case

13.30                  Our role as Specialist building contractor

14.57                   FM sector

15.35                   Residential and accommodation sector

16.15                    Infrastructure sector

16.55                   M&E contracting sector

17.35                   Technologies sector

20.00                 Aspirations for data centres in Europe 

21.00                  Specific European markets we target for data centres – and which types

22. 12                  Summary and prospects

23.00                  Questions