Our Governance Systems

TClarke is a well run organisation and strong governance is a central part of that; here is an introduction to the systems and committees we have in place. The Board is committed to high standards of corporate governance and embraces the principles contained in the UK Corporate Governance Code.The following committees have been established and the terms of reference for each committee are available to download.


Audit Committee

The audit committee is comprised of the independent non-executive directors, Louise Dier (Chair), Peter Maskell and Jonathan Hook. The committee meets at least three times a year.  Its duties include keeping under review the scope and results of the audit and its cost effectiveness and monitoring the integrity of the financial statements.  In addition, the committee is responsible for reviewing the Company’s internal control and risk management processes.

 View the Audit Committee’s Terms of Reference

Remuneration Committee

The remuneration committee is comprised of the independent non-executive directors Peter Maskell (Chair), Iain McCusker, Louise Dier and Jonathan Hook. The committee’s responsibilities include setting salaries and remuneration packages for the executive directors and the chairman, and monitoring the remuneration of other senior executives.

View the Remuneration Committee’s Terms of Reference

Nomination Committee

The nomination committee is comprised of the independent non-executive directors Iain McCusker (Chair), Peter Maskell, Louise Dier and Jonathan Hook.  The role of the committee is to lead the process for succession planning and board appointments and to make recommendations to the main board of TClarke Plc.

View the Nomination Committee’s Terms of Reference