Strategy for Growth

Strategy of growth based on integrated building services

Our market is rationalising and transforming. As major projects become increasingly complex, principal contractors and developers need programme certainty to achieve their financial and business objectives. 

By offering complete, integrated building services, covering mechanical, electrical and digital elements, with consistent quality and scale, we provide one of the most effective ways for them to manage and control these increased risks. 

This offer further differentiates TClarke in the market and increases the value we provide and receive in return.

With landmark London projects at the core of our order book

There is a substantial premium market of major London projects and their complexity and programme challenge means that very few can compete with us to deliver the required quality and scale of resource. We will continue to focus on this work and increase the strength of our market position.

Balanced with strong infrastructure, residential and maintenance businesses

Infrastructure projects grow at times when London commercial markets contract. FM markets increasingly require the expertise we offer. Our residential business is best in class. So we can balance our orderbook by further developing our presence in these markets.

Pushing out to support principal contractors across our regions

We will continue to grow, supporting principal contractors working on major projects across the UK, leveraging the quality and range of our regional resource.

Differentiating ourselves on our quality and scale

In every sector in which we operate, our key differentiator will be the quality and scale which we can offer – and the programme certainty which that delivers.

Taking the substantial growth opportunities which new technologies present

Digital, data and the trend towards offsite manufacture all offer substantial ongoing growth opportunities as our sector transforms and as designs and installations themselves become more complex.

Steadily targetting improved margin growth

Our business will focus on steady improvement of our operating margin, through targeted tendering and operational efficiency. 

And growing the topline of the business too

Based on the increased value to our market place that our integrated offering presents, we will also have the ability to grow group turnover in the medium term, while retaining our focus on margin.

  • Integrated Services
  • Landmark projects at core
  • Balanced with Infrastructure and FM
  • Regional partnerships with principal contractors
  • Differentiation on quality and scale
  • Growing our technology operations
  • Targeting margin growth