Journey to 500 : balance and potential in the business

26/4/21: In the last of three growth stories, CEO Mark Lawrence sets out some of the critical strategic features of TClarke’s recently announced Journey to 50% revenue expansion and £500m turnover. here he explains how the business is achieving a strategic balance within the order book which allows it to take any cooling in its traditional core market, confidently in its stride – as it moves swiftly ahead on the growth journey.

Traditionally, the commercial offices market has been our core market and we are extremely proud to remain the Engineering Services contractor of choice for many of these high profile projects. We will continue to be the market leader here – but today our portfolio shows how we are expanding way beyond that.

At the heart of our expansion is the concept of agility. We have restructured our operations so that we can deploy our resources to maximum effect within markets of opportunity.

The exceptional work of our healthcare teams, before, during and after the pandemic, shows itself in a series of major healthcare projects and the prospect of many more, as the NHS and the Healthcare industry goes forward with the next generation of hospitals and facilities. 

I can equally point to residential where in Scotland we are winning and working on some very large-scale developments. Meanwhile, in London we have four major hotel projects. 

And then there is our exponential growth in the whole field of Technologies. This ranges from DfMA and modern methods of offsite construction to data centres and smart buildings. In each of these areas we have substantially developed our in-house resources and won serial major projects.

Much of this evolution has already been reported – but the realities may not have been fully understood by everyone outside the business. TClarke today has several ‘core’ markets. We are achieving our potential in new geographies. This balance and potential in our business is another reason to believe in our power to grow to £500m.