London mechanical : strategic goal achieved

31/7/19 : TClarke can now point with confidence to a mechanical reputation that equals its electrical reputation as market leader in the main London market. London Director Clive Carr explains what has been achieved and its strategic value to the business.

Go back just ten years and TClarke had no reputation in London for large scale mechanical engineering. Today our mechanical reputation is the equal of our electrical – and the latter has been built over 130 years.

The proof that we have got there can be seen in the vast KGX1 project in Kings Cross which is our largest ever mechanical project and one of the most prestigious and exciting in UK construction. We are working directly for our world scale technology client on a construction management contract which involves full 4D modelling, major offsite manufacturing programmes and since securing the shell and core we have also secured the fit out on this project. We are on target and delivering as required.

Cross town to 22 Bishopsgate and you can see more of the same proof. This is the outstanding City tower and on top of our electrical, alarm and data contracts we have also secured the Cat A mechancial and public health contract. Again we are on target and delivering as required – we’re now on the top floor.

Go just a little further up Bishopsgate and you will see that at 150 Bishopsgate we are delivering a major offsite modular manufacture project for utility cupboards for 160 luxury appartments, all designed and built in our own in-house manufacturing facility in Stansted.

In 2010 when our mechanical offer first launched, the board set out its strategic goal of placing the business in a position to win large mechanical projects – thus effectively doubling the potential market for our services in the London region. In 2019 the promise is not an expectation or a marketing aspiration – it is the reality understood across the London construction market – one of the most fiercely competitive in the world.

We have got there by investing in our offsite workshop facilities, expertise and people – steadily over time. We have got there by delivering quality work and now with these mega-projects we have been able to achieve our wider goal of offering complete integrated building services covering the whole mechanical, electrical, data, alarm and ICT network infrastructures. 

In the simplest terms we are about ‘making it happen’. We are about taking the most ambitious plans and design and making them into real buildings. We do it safely, we do it to high quality and we have the complete set of skills – inside our business. 

The nature of our industry and our company is that you move from one major project – with all its challenges – to another. I think it is a great time to celebrate the achievements of the last years which have brought us to a point where we’ve earned the right to be known as a market leader in such a major sector of UK construction.