Mission Critical Capabilities : Expertise and People

8/7//19:  TClarke’s Mission Critical team is a deep resource of expertise and skill, built up over decades of delivering ‘mission critical’ projects for world class organisations. As the team looks forward at a world of new opportunities, Martin Thomas (pictured) introduces an operation that has expanded its offer in recent years.

‘Mission Critical’ projects are exactly what the name suggests – critical power and data installations on which an organisation relies. These are systems and infrastructures that simply cannot fail. Historically, we’ve been involved in working with world scale financial institutions and media companies as well as with data centres, where resilience and ‘uptime’ are key.

TClarke expertise stays in our business as a major asset

The scale and importance of the projects we have delivered has allowed us to build up a depth of experience and – because we’re TClarke and our people are directly employed – that experience has stayed within the organisation, so we are able to train our people and spread the knowledge.

Why is that important? Mission Critical projects are critical in another way – they tend to have fairly aggressive programmes and so when a client is planning a new project, there is a need to lock in the resource of people you need to deliver the job.

So that is why, while some in the construction industry are worrying about upcoming skills shortages, TClarke, with our in-house resource – is in a very good position.

A build up in our in-house capabilities

What we have done in the last few years, is substantially enhance our suite of services for Mission Critical – so that we can deliver everything required from our own resources.

So, on top of the large scale, accredited in-house teams, we also now offer in house design, drawings and BIM services to provide design in traditional and 3D modelling formats. We can provide technical services such as computational fluid dynamics modelling, key risks matrices and mitigation and HV/LV protection and co-ordination studies. The business has invested steadily across the board in bringing new skills in-house.

Then we are able to offer in-house manufacturing services – so we can build the necessary multi-service modules and pipework at our own dedicated facility. 

On top of this we are able to offer In-house multidisciplinary integrations including BMS, security, fire, comms, M&E and public health – bringing all of the necessary services together efficiently.

True ‘turn-key services’ : a strong market proposition

What this all adds up to is the fact that TClarke can offer clients true turnkey and full service capabilities – indeed this is what we do for major clients in the data centre and mission critical world right now, every day.

Key to our Technologies offer

Mission Critical is one of the key elements in our Technologies offer. Over the next years and decades, M&E and data systems will be increasingly ‘mission critical’ not just in delivering data and systems with maximum resilience, but in achieving new levels of sustainable performance. This is an exciting and challenging time for all of us involved in the engineering that makes it happen.