Mission Critical Future : Mega power, mega modules next gen cooling and Europe

16/7/19: TClarke’s Mission Critical team is a deep resource of expertise and skill, built up over decades of delivering ‘mission critical’ projects for world class organisations. Group CEO Mark Lawrence looks ahead at the technology and opportunities that are now emerging.

TClarke’s Mission Critical capability has not been developed overnight in response to market opportunities. This has been a matter of long growth, developing expertise, pioneering advances and building a reputation for delivery. 

Ready for the ramp up in scale 

What the team are now seeing is the potential, particularly in the data centre market, for a step change in the scale, ambition and technology involved. 

For a start, we are going to see larger voltages involved. Just a few years ago, TClarke was one of the first to bring 33Kv power into a commercial office at 20 Fenchurch St (the ‘Walkie Talkie). Now that’s become a more regular occurance. The shift towards larger voltages will favour those teams with higher levels of expertise, proven in project work – it will therefore favour TClarke.

The scale of projects going forward is also likely to mean the emergence of ever larger prefabricated modules. Once again, this is an area in which we’ve spent a few years investing in our offsite capabilities and working on vast modular projects like Nova in Victoria. We’re already building on a very large scale and we can see modules getting even bigger. Maybe the only material issue will be the scale of module which public road systems can handle!

A third area in which we are at work currently is in evaluating, designing and delivering the next generation of cooling solutions for data centres. Data centres requre a lot of cooling and the technologies for achieving that are now in a process of evolution. Once again, as the technology advances, our mixture of design expertise, installation experience and engineering know how gives us an advantage.

A long term investment that is paying off

As the world moves to the next generations of digital technology, TClarke is well positioned. We haven’t rested on past reputation – we’ve built on our expertise, we brought in new expertise and capablities, partnered with world class suppliers and won new world class clients. We’ve done that all through organic growth and without the need for external funding. 

Mission Critical is another area in which our range of capabilities can be seen to combine in a very strong market offer. 

Our approach will always remain steady and disciplined in pursuit of clear growth targets, however we are alive to opportunities and our recent announcement of potential markets in Europe can be seen in that light. TClarke’s growth story as a solid British company is an exciting one and in this our 130th year, the Mission Critical operation is a very valuable part of it.