New Climate Solutions Service

28/7/18 : TClarke Climate Solutions : the complete service

 Gary Tidball introduces the new business which he leads. 

I have 27 years of experience in this market sector and I am delighted to have been selected by TClarke’s board to lead this team. Who are we and what are we all about? Here are some direct answers:

What’s the demand in the market and within the TClarke business? 

Nationwide TClarke has a deep client base of FM customers and M&E partners including end users, developers and principal contractors. All of these need a high quality cooling solutions service and that need increases as these systems become more advanced and more central to overall building environmental performance. 

Critical cooling in data centres and banks also require high quality and robust solutions. Moreover TClarke also has high quality healthcare, controls and intelligent buildings offerings which similarly create opportunity and require support in the area of critical cooling.

So we’re directly addressing sizable demand in a key and growing sector of construction and supporting existing business units in a strategically valuable way.

What can TClarke bring to market that is distinctive?

First of all, we have TClarke’s usual advantages of a well respected brand that clients can immediately trust. That is based on the TClarke facts of direct labour, record of delivering quality, engineering expertise and a nationwide service. Then we add the specific expertise and experience of my leadership team and track record of delivery in the industry. 

Put that together and you have a strong, classic TClarke market offer : high quality service and collaborative partnership that you can trust for the long term.

What credentials and experience does the TClarke team have?

We have specialist FGAS accreditation in place as well as partnerships with AC manufacturers. Our team has previously managed an £18m business, delivering AC nationally with experience across sectors in banks, data centres, manufacturing, commmercial, residential, hotels, education and retail. We’ve delivered off shore and across Europe. In the UK we’ve delivered projects directly with some of the largest corporates. We know the manufacturers well and we have vast experience both of office fit out and nationwide multi-site replacement programmes. So we are a highly credible team from day one.

Who leads the team and where are they based?

As Divisional Director I will be responsible for business unit performance. I’m supported by Sam Doick as Head of Operations and Glen Hooper, Head of Estimating/Pre-construction. Together we have 67 years of experience and we’ve worked together for the past 12 years.

We’re based in the South West region and we’re already dlivering large projects in London and supporting the Group’s Regional offices where there is already some existing capability.

What is the service offering?

The service offering is comprehensive covering the whole lifecycle of Climate control systems:

  • Data Centre cooling
  • Healthcare cooling
  • In-house design
  • Chilled Water Systems
  • DX-based Air Conditioning
  • Install and maintain VRV/VRF and split systems 
  • R22 and R407C replacement programmes 
  • Heat Pumps
  • Free Cooling Chillers 

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