New Gooee video presents TClarke’s market-leading smart buildings technology

9/4/20 : TClarke continues to expand its technology offering. The nationwide roll out of our Gooee partnership is now underway, supported by a new video that sets out the advantages and capabilities of the platform. Group CEO Mark Lawrence explains:

We announced our exclusive 5 year partnership with Gooee in January. Prior to that, we spent a lot of time analysing the capabilities and performance of Gooee software from every technical point of view, bringing all of our in-house expertise and experience to bear. 

We are involved in the construction of some of the world’s most advanced buildings – and we can see that Gooee is both a market leader and a software that is proven in the real world and ready to go. 

We see Gooee as a stand-out proposition

Gooee connect and controls all of a buildings systems and visualise all of their data via a single pane of glass. We see it as a major step forward for our clients in saving energy costs, increasing sustainability and building performance and also in managing maintenance costs. It works for new builds or existing buildings which is another big plus for the markets we serve.

This new film provides a quick, clear understanding of the Gooee concept.

What we also know that one of the key tasks when you are presenting advanced technology, is to be able to set out, clearly and succinctly, exactly what it does and what it delivers. This new video cuts through the complexity and explains the technology. It will support our teams nationwide and our clients in creating a clear picture of what Gooee can do for them. It is straightforward and credible. It is also only two minutes long.

We believe that Gooee has enormous potential and applications for our client base; in coming months we look forward to opening up the conversations nationwide. And we are ready to start those conversations now via

watch the video now on our youtube channel