Newcastle builds team capacity and plans ahead

7/6/22: The growth surge in our north east operation continues. With a strong order book in place, the team is adding further strength and working with like-minded businesses to develop the pipeline as Paul Hoy explains.

We are expanding our team taking on new leaders on the mechanical side of our engineering services operation. We have a full programme of good quality work to do now and we are busy in pre-construction and construction stages on several projects. And we are showing that we can deliver.  We do what we say we will do. That builds trust.

We have been successful in getting the TClarke name out into the market place and it has been instrumental in allowing us to build relationships with like-minded principal contractors and looking ahead with a partnering approach to new projects.The pipeline is buoyant and we have the capacity our partners need.

Here in the North East, the TClarke engineering services brand is resurgent – based on sound and clear principles of partnership and projects that meet our criteria for scale and value.

(Pictured is current project, Morpeth Leisure Centre)