Offsite in action : Utility modules for 3rd major City site within 300 metres

20/4/19 : One Bishopsgate Plaza is a 43 storey, 135 metre high tower with 536,000 square feet of mixed functions including a 5 star luxury hotel and 160 ‘apartments or ‘Sky Residences’. TClarke Manufacturing’s SImon Baker is leading the team responsible for the offsite manufacture of 160 purpose-designed utility modules which will deliver all the utilities for each Sky Residence. 

TClarke’s current work here, at 100 Bishopsgate and 22 Bishopsgate, means that in a space of 300 metres, we are working on three of the most significant developments in the City of London.

Offsite manufacture is one of the techniques which are driving construction forward and TClarke is leading the way for quality, as Simon explains.

“Working with our long-term partners Lendlease and Stanhope, our objective here is to provide an extremely high quality installation and to deliver a series of safety, programme and environmental benefits at the same time.

Complex elements manufactured to maximum quality standards

“For these luxury Sky Residences, we are bringing all of the utilties together in a single, compact and ergonomically designed module. We manufacture the frames, have them powder coated, then we install the Heat Interface Unit, the Chilled Interface Unit and the Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery Unit.

“Once we have done that, we add all the primary and secondary pipework, condenser lines and safety blow off lines, We then add the mains cold water meter, all electrical trunking and incorporate the isolation of the mechanical elements and the washing machine. Once finished, all this complex engineering is effectively a ‘plug and play’ unit delivering all the appartment’s utilities.

“When complete, the whole unit is tested, snagged, certified for quality and signed off. Then we shrink wrap it to keep it in mint condition and store it until it is needed.

“Offsite manufacture like this means that our clients can rely on the highest levels of quality and accuracy in one of the more complex elements in each appartment’s installation.

Better safety and working environment

“For us, there are also substantial advantages for our people, both in our ability to create a safe environment and safety regime for them and also in giving them a better working environment in which to do their jobs. 

Programme certainty and project advantages

“For our client, this approach also means they can rely on having the units delivered exactly when they want them, in the perfect condition that they need them. It also means that in planning the whole project they can get the job done onsite with fewer workers and therefore with less pressure on all the logistics and welfare that needs to be provided.

Environmental benefits

“Beyond these advantages, we also can make substantial gains in the way we streamline packaging and the organisation of waste recycling to the most efficient level.

TClarke’s offsite manucturing capability is a critical advantage for our business

“Our clients know that we have this ability to dedicate offsite resources to their project and achieve the levels of quality they need working at the scale and to the pace they need. There is no doubt this is a strategic advantage for our business, helping us to secure major projects.