Onsite and productive at Cambridge Science Park 

11/8/20: TClarke Director Glynn Herbert reports from Cambridge Science Park and talks about productivity and efficiency during the pandemic.

Our long-term work in the high tech, research and academic sectors in Cambridge is one of the many TClarke success stories in recent years. We work on high quality projects with established partners and the quality of our work delivers for our clients and provides the margin returns which our business requires. 

People know TClarke traditionally for major London projects – but I’d argue that we’re equally about these kind of excellent programmes right around the UK.

Our current work at Cambridge Science Park on plots 1-21 is a Cat A fit out working with principal contractor SDC, whom we’ve partnered on projects including Judge’s Business School and the Maxwell Institute.

A model for proactivity in safety and efficiency

From the very start of the pandemic, this site has been a model for proactivity. We’ve had heat scanning, well organised one way systems and a complete raft of measures that have allowed work to progress safely and as efficiently as possible.

We have an excellent and youthful leadership team (pictured here) onsite with Contracts Engineer Nathan Fox, supported by Andy Yarham and Jacob Joyce; Site Engineers.

We’ve never stopped working here 

It is true that the nature of the Cat A work – involving relatively less confined working – is a help, but the combination of proactive solutions from the main contractor and all parties, plus the effective management of our team has meant that we have never stopped working on this site and that productivity has not been significantly compromised.

Good organisation and good people are the keys to productivity

What we know is that productivity depends on good people finding the right solutions and delivering good efforts. Our teams consistently face complex problems in their work and without wishing in any way to downplay the challenges of COVID 19, it is also very clear that our people are up to the task and, here at Cambridge Science Park as at sites across the UK, we are getting on with delivering for our clients.