Quality training secures TClarke’s nationwide pipeline of quality people

10/4/19: As the construction industry prepares to deal with potential resource issues, TClarke’s strong, long-term nationwide approach to high-quality, local apprenticeships and training remains a key focus for energy and investment within the business. Josh Bourne of our Group Safety Team shines the spotlight on a recent apprentice training event that shows how we do it.

TClarke employs over 200 apprentices, which equates to over 14.5% of our workforce, a figure far above the aspirational 5% construction industry goal. When you join TClarke as an apprentice, you will have a clear idea that you are joining a well-organised company and that your professional training is going to be excellent. We aim to deliver against those expectations.

The Annual Training Day which HSS, Bosch, Hilti and Armorgard provide for us, at HSS’s Becton facility, shows how we do this.

Knowing the correct techniques and having the confidence to use the required tools and equipment, is critical in helping our apprentices to start their careers on the right footing.

We have deep and longstanding relationships with our supply chain and they are aware of our high level of training standards –  put those two facts together and you end up with a day like this in which tool and equipment suppliers organise a comprehensive training session.

This event was only for TClarke apprentices – and it fitted precisely with our training goals.

Our apprentices spent an hour at each of four stations, learning, carrying out exercises, asking questions and getting clear answers from the experts. The day focused on ‘hands-on’ power tool familiarity and fault finding with access equipment. HSS organised and co-ordinated the training event with both myself and Chris Powell (Group H&S Advisor) providing input from a TClarke perspective.

We want TClarke apprentices to succeed, and this is just one example of the quality of support we give them.