Strategic transformation and growth : ten years tells a story of major progress

28/4/22 : In the week when TClarke moves its London HQ to 30 St Mary Axe and our Scotland HQ to Maxim Park, Group CEO Mark Lawrence reflects on the scale of strategic growth that the business has achieved in the last ten years.

Congratulations must go to our people. Our name is rightly well known and respected in the industry – and that’s partly to do with our long and very proud history as a leading engineering services business in this country.

But if you just focus on what has been achieved in the last ten years, you can see from the facts and the figures, just how far we have come. Building our business, transforming it, creating and protecting jobs and apprenticeships and taking opportunity; we have had clear strategies which have proved to be strong, but the real achievement has been the execution of those strategies.

In November 2011 we moved from our previous home in Elephant & Castle into the City of London in Moorfields. Our results for the year ending in 31st December 2011 show revenues at £183.8m and a forward order book of £190m. That compares with our most recent results of revenues of £327m and a forward order book of £534m. 

Today we are on a growth journey to £500m revenue  which we have clear confidence in achieving and we are a significant player in the most attractive long term growth areas. Our value to stakeholders will be further increased.

In ten years our expansion from 18 to 20 offices nationwide doesn’t begin to tell the story of regional transformation. Our network is now completely integrated and collaborating to maximise the value of our resources. We have reset ourselves in the places where opportunities exist. We win large projects and enjoy client relationships which would have not been possible before.

In 2011 we were known as an electrical contractor. In ten years, not only have we added a world class mechanical capability and track record across the UK, we have also built a world class technologies component – again with the track record of achievement to match. On top of that, we have also built a world class, in-house 52,000 sq ft manufacturing facility at Stansted, which delivers modern methods of construction, is dedicated to our client projects and is staffed by our own high quality teams.

And accompanying this growth, we have not only stuck with our traditional commitment to real jobs and world class training for apprentices and leaders in engineering – we have doubled down on it and our schemes are rightly viewed as industry leading – creating opportunity and growth in communities across the UK.

Each one of these achievements is real and proven by our numbers; each one has been achieved by our people. We do complex engineering at the leading edge of innovation. In the last ten years, project by project, our people have driven transformation and organic growth in this business. As we move into our new premises it is well worth reflecting on that fact.