Practical help on mental health

10/10/19 : TClarke Director Barrie Nightingale himself uses the techniques; On World Mental Health Day, he introduces TClarke’s new series of videos designed to help TClarke people to deal with stress in a practical way

Construction is known as a tough industry. In the last year there has been increasing recognition that our work can place a lot of stress on all of us. As someone who takes responsibility for the delivery of key components in projects worth tens and hundreds of millions of pounds, I understand this personally.

As well as developing a network of trained Mental Health First Aiders across our business, we have looked to do more to help our people handle stress in a practical way.

Over a year ago at TClarke we began to offer classes for all our people in London, introducing them to practical breathing and meditation techniques which can help all of us to manage stress. These classes were so useful that we have now gone on to create a series of videos so that our people up and down the UK can have access to the same techniques.

The ‘Square Breathing’ Technique, for example, gives you a very straightforward way of taking a moment, focusing on your breathing and achieving a sense of calm. It is something you can do anywhere and at any time. Since we started with these classes, so many of our people have benefited in different ways, by making Square Breathing something they can use whenever they want it. 

Mental Health has become a matter for focus across the industry ; I’m very pleased that TClarke is taking a lead in such a practical and valuable way – in giving our people – myself included – techniques of very direct and practical value.

Watch this series of videos now on TommyClarke TV our Youtube channel