TClarke achieves cyber security standard nationwide

15/4/20: TClarke’s nationwide operation has been certified to the UK Government Cyber Essentials standard and the company is now over half way through accreditation for the more advanced Cyber Essentials Plus standard. Divisional Director, Chris Harris explains.

Cyber security has become mission critical in construction

The vastly increased role that technologies and IT play in construction creates challenges and risks around data security for our clients, principal contractors and our business. Where we are designing and installing major building management systems, or just plugging a computer into a building in order to download data, the security of our project systems data and our client’s data is critical to safeguard.

We need to meet the expectations of world class partners 

Our market leadership means we work with world class companies every day. So we need to have standards that will meet their expectations and provide comfort that we’ve got cyber security built into our services.

Moreover, as we embark on our partnership with Gooee, these matters are increasingly everyday, right across our nationwide business in the same way that various mechanical and electrical systems certifications already are.

This is a major investment in our future growth

Cyber Essentials is the UK standard which we have now achieved for cyber security across our whole business. It affects the  approach our teams take, from early engagement and design through to commissioning and maintenance. It affects all of our hardware and software and impacts the lives of our people – in the proper and secure use of mobiles for work, for example.

This is a further significant investment in time and resource across our business and we are now over half way through in our process to achieve the Cyber Essentials Plus standard. This is the next level of accreditation and includes a full technical review of our business, processes for file management, malware and anti-virus protection and system resilience.

We view this investment as fully worthwhile. It is very much the TClarke way to work systematically to achieve the higher standards that our clients expect. It has involved much hard work by many TClarke people. It is another indication of where we are going as a business and how we are getting there.