TClarke – CALA Homes onsite at iconic Boroughmuir in Edinburgh

16/1/2020: TClarke Scotland’s residential business is a market leading provider of building services to the sector. The new flagship Boroughmuir project, with long-term partners Cala Homes, is a typical TClarke residential project, as Scotland MD Gary Jackson explains:

This is another iconic CALA Homes East Scotland project that we’re delighted to be involved with. This prestigious development, located in the south of the city, will produce a mix of 87 high-end private apartments and 17 mid-market, affordable, rental apartments, bringing an estimated £45 million of economic value to the local area. The development’s high profile location and luxury has led to considerable international interest in these properties, including buyers from overseas. 

The TClarke team’s package covers both the shell and core and fit out. For both, we are delivering the full plumbing, electrical, security and communications packages. 

Our market leadership comes because we are able to deliver a number of advantages that partners like Cala Group respect and value. 

Our Residential ‘One Stop Shop’ offer

Firstly, we have the complete range of services, delivered by one team. When you are looking to deliver the highest quality product to challenging timescales, you need to get trades co-ordinated and working together with maximum efficiency. TClarke’s ‘one-stop shop’ is a substantial advantage in ensuring safe, smooth and effective working.

Our directly employed, skilled teams of people

Secondly and most importantly, with TClarke you get the people you want. We employ directly and that means skilled, stable and motivated teams, upon whom you can rely to deliver quality for your customers. Often we will go on to provide ongoing maintenance support for the development and the homeowners.

During the construction programme, our partners rely on us to understand, adapt, input and model what they want and their ways of working. This human factor is absolutely key – both to achieving programme dates and to achieving quality, consistently and safely. We build relationships that last, not just for years, but for decades. We work hard and we do what we promise. 

Developing that resource of directly employed people doesn’t happen by chance. TClarke is the largest provider of M&E apprenticeships in Scotland. This is a fact which gives us a great deal of pride. Our high quality apprenticeship scheme helps us to secure our future and create the kind of jobs which society needs.

Our industry leading expertise

Thirdly, our expertise is extremely valuable. As homes become more and more complex, involving  dynamic and advanced sustainability-linked features, like ground source and air source heating, as well as complete security, communications and media technology packages, TClarke’s deep levels of expertise and enthusiasm are a huge advantage.

The residential sector is highly competitive. Our market proposition, has allowed us to become the acknowledged market leaders for quality, safety, partnering and evolution within the sector . Starting work at Boroughmuir underlines our continued leadership and is a great landmark project for us to work on as a team.