TClarke ‘Gen 2’ safety app features upgraded management data

3/1/21: When TClarke launched its ‘You See You Say’ Safety reporting app in 2014, it was the first of its kind in our industry. Now, as part of the Group’s drive to enhance agility and business performance, a second generation of the app has been released as Josh Bourne, Health and Safety Manager, who designed the new functionality reports.

The whole You See You Say process is a long standing system we have developed within our business that empowers our people and builds a strong culture of rapid reporting of potential safety issues.

When you see something wrong, you are able to report it and say what you think needs to be done. This report is immediately shared to our Health & Safety team who escalate the issue and get it resolved. The behavioural objective has always been to make sure that people feel comfortable to report an issue at once, without any kind of hassle on a busy construction site where different teams are working together.

Several years ago we designed the app to automate this process and allow our people and our supply chain partners to take photos on their smartphones (providing it was safe to do so) and share the whole report instantaneously and as efficiently as possible.

For the second generation, we have added a few enhancements to the core functionality, but the main focus has always been preventing accidents and incidents by ‘real time’ reporting. The app continues to help us generate and share H&S data efficiently.

As well as allowing everyone at TClarke to see statistics and data on their own reports, (thereby encouraging usage), the new app drives safety reporting data directly through to our corporate management data dashboards. 

Across the Group we are driving efficiencies through the use of integrated management data sets – and here is another example of that. As in every other case, better data will allow us to learn, test and improve our performance. 

Group MD Mike Crowder commented:

“Safety, Health and Wellbeing is the key priority in our business and so the launch of this new version of our Smartphone App is an important occasion for all of us. Across the UK, this will help our Staff, Contractors and Clients keep H&S reporting in front of mind, and in being proactively engaged in our H&S Culture.”