TClarke is selected for National NHS Smart Buildings Framework

9/8/21: In a success of strategic importance, TClarke is one of only four companies selected for the 6 year  National Framework Agreement for the provision of Smart Building Solutions using the Internet of Things. Group CEO Mark Lawrence hails the work of the company’s Healthcare team in achieving this exceptional result.

The NHS has announced the selection of only four companies as partners for the delivery of Smart Hospitals in the UK. This is absolutely the cutting edge of applied digital technologies and infrastructure within the healthcare sector. 

The UK Government has recently given the green light to more than 40 new hospital projects across the country. 

There have been very significant works across the NHS, government departments and advisers to develop the vision and blueprint for the effective introduction of digital innovation in these and other NHS programmes and this framework agreement is a concrete step forward in turning these plans into reality.

The UK public sector is facing a period of intense financial pressure to reduce costs and increase efficiencies. Authorities are looking towards innovative solutions to assist with this through better management of their estate and its energy consumption.

This Framework Agreement, managed by an NHS organisation, will allow all UK public sector organisations to procure Smart Building Solutions enabling participating authorities to act quickly in releasing efficiencies. When you look at the digital credentials of all the selected companies, you can see the level at which our healthcare team is operating. This is the sharp end of engineering expertise and technical innovation.

It is fantastic news for our business and an exceptional achievement – but not a surprise. We have the proven expertise in house, we have the range of specialist skills and we are highly experienced in integrating them successfully in world scale projects. Our technology is already being used in commercial buildings in the UK and hospitals in the USA. More than this we have engineering teams with years of experience working successfully and efficiently alongside the NHS to deliver projects across the UK.

People who are interested in TClarke will have noticed how our calm predictions with regards break-out contract success within various areas of our Technologies business have proved, in time, to be 100% accurate. So I hope that this success in Infrastructure will also be recognised as a breakthrough for our healthcare team and our business as a whole. 

TClarke is a UK market leader and an innovator in smart buildings engineering. Now our leadership has been recognised in the healthcare sector – just as the UK begins to develop the next generation of smart hospitals. 

As ever, we take nothing for granted – but it certainly is a moment to congratulate every single person and every team which has delivered TClarke healthcare projects over the last decade. Success in selection for the NHS Smart Buildings Framework is an absolute vindication of their commitment, hard work and engineering excellence. Once again, our people are keeping us at the forefront of innovation.

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