TClarke North team announces series of project wins

11/11/20: TClarke North Managing Director Kevin Mullen announces a series of M&E project wins as the business replenishes its strong forward order book nationwide.

In these challenging times, it is good to be able to report that the TClarke business in the north has won a series of important large projects. Our estimating teams have been – and remain – very hard at work, identifying, qualifying and then going on to bid and win the projects we want and need in order to go forward. And we are going forward.

M&E teams win major projects across the North

The Coalville Leisure Centre, for which we have won the electrical package, has been won by our Newcastle team. There is the additional good news in this case that we are working with a new client – Metnor Construction. It is always good news when we expand our client base, particularly since our business has a very strong record of repeat business.

It is equally good news when we work again with a company we haven’t worked with for a while and this is the case with the win at the Blyth Sports Centre. Here we are working once more with BRIMS Construction.

Meanwhile, the Newcastle team has also been selected with our long term partner Merck Sharp and Dohme to work on the new Zone 30 production plant building at their pharmaceuticals plant in Cramlington. We are also involved in delivering new fire alarm systems throughout the whole plant.

Our Leeds team is continuing its very good ongoing partnerships with Bowmer & Kirkland, delivering schools across the UK and with ISG on a series of prison and other government projects.

And in the north west, (as is mentioned elsewhere on this website), we have won our first large scale project at the Royal College of Physicians’ new HQ in Liverpool. The team there has worked hard and now we are truly up and running as a major M&E player in that market.

More success for our Northern FM teams

We have a strong and highly capable FM offering in the North and recently we have been able to add to our existing client base by winning new relationships with clients including The Hut Group, Cumbria University, Campus Living Villages, Blackburn Hospital and Star Academies. We are also working with AMEY in the region on the Ministry of Justice framework.

TClarke is not looking to deliver a ‘man with a van’ service to cover the country, but we are alive to opportunities that suit our business plan and our FM offering is a very strong one. Doing a good job in this sector is all about having the right delivery teams with the right service mentality. FM is very much a personality-driven market where operatives interact with end users. The fact that TClarke has a high-skill, high quality and highly stable resource is a major and permanent advantage. I am certain that we will see good growth in FM in this region going forward.