TClarke takes mindfulness nationwide

16/5/19 : It is Mental Health Awareness Week and TClarke are taking the opportunity to launch a new campaign to further the work across the business to create the right climate for mental health awareness and for the right support to be in place. Josh Bourne of TClarke’s Group Health and Safety Team introduces the new campaign and the thinking behind it.

The TClarke Mindful Worker Campaign

TClarke have always recognised the importance of Mental Health in relation to Health & Safety Management, and have implemented a number of training courses to provide assistance to those who experience mental health difficulties. However, on this Mental Health Awareness Week, TClarke are proud to announce the launch of our new H&S campaign;  ‘TClarke Mindful Worker’. 

This campaign aims to promote health, wellbeing & mindfulness and recognises their importance in relation to our own and others’ Health and Safety, whilst at work. 

The TClarke Mindfulness approach is aimed at being aware of our thought process and addressing any negative feelings before they can develop into exacerbating issues. The Mindfulness method can be looked at in different aspects:

  • Firstly : being aware of our thoughts, being happy and content with our day to life and that for every negative thought, attempting to outweigh it with two positive thoughts to counteract undesirable feelings.
  • Second : being mindful and aware of surroundings, our colleagues and undertakings whilst at work, to ensure we are alert and can work safely whilst avoiding harm or injury.

The overall aim of TClarke Mindfulness is to get people to engage and to communicate with others and to openly talk without having to ‘classify’ any of their feelings. This campaign highlights that TClarke’s most important asset is our people and that having a mindful workforce is paramount to our operations.

If you’re in a good state of mindfulness, it means you are able to:

  • Make the most of your potential 
  • Be better equipped to deal with tasks on a daily basis, 
  • Play a full part in your family, workplace, community and among friends. 

To this end, TClarke have introduced Mindfulness sessions, in association with Green-Hearts Mindfulness and Meditation, and this has been rolled out to over 250 TClarke personnel within London so far, with our apprentices about to start the next cycle of training sessions. 

The TClarke Mindfulness programme has been scheduled so that by the end of the year, the mindfulness sessions would have been rolled out across all of the TClarke business around the UK.

For those who have wanted them, additional classes have also been provided and people have been very pleased with how ‘quick fixes’ have been able to change and improve their thought process, and in turn, their day to day undertakings, including work efficiency.