TClarke wins new Waitrose and John Lewis projects

16/10/19 : Paul Keogh, who oversees our long-term partnership with Waitrose and John Lewis, talks through a seres of new wins and ongoing project work

Our work with Waitrose and John Lewis goes from strength to strength. We have been awarded the Waitrose Stores Lighting project which involves LED replacement works at 25 stores throughout England, starting this month and completing Mid-November. Meanwhile, We also are carrying out LED replacement works for three John Lewis Department stores (which involves around 5000 luminaires per store).

Our work on the three year JL LED replacement programme continues and is scheduled to follow on in 2020 and 2021.  Milton Keynes is just completing and Cheadle and Cambridge are both due to complete in the final quarter of this year.

Meanwhile we have won fire alarm replacement works for Waitrose & John Lewis which are being carried out over the next couple of months. We are just completing the Waitrose Branch connectivity roll out for 2019 across 40 stores and the intention is to continue into 2020 with a similar number of stores. Finally we have also agreed to extend the Waitrose/John Lewis Small works Framework into 2020.

The overall picture is very positive. Waitrose and John Lewis have very high standards and they demand speed and excellence of execution. We are delighted to be able to meet their standards with our TClarke service. These project wins show a relationship that is getting even stronger.