TClarke wins place on four year, £2.5bn Procure Partnerships Framework

18/3/20: TClarke has won a place on the Procure Partnerships framework to provide services for local authorities, NHS Trusts, Schools, Universities and Blue Light Providers. Rob Faro, Director of TClarke UK South, (pictured here with some members of our Healthcare team) explains the significance of this major win.

TClarke will be able to act as the principal contractor for projects valued between £50k and £4m covering the whole of the South West and £50k to £1m in the West Midlands. This is a major infrastructure framework that we set out to secure. I’m delighted, because it shows our steady progression and ongoing achievement in the sector. We were very much encouraged by longstanding clients in healthcare and the wider public sector who were saying ‘we want to procure your services – you need to be on a Framework like this’. 

This is not just a great new business success – it is a very solid win – it reflects extremely well on our teams, doing a great job for hospitals and earning trust in their work and quality.

TClarke’s market leading advantages for Healthcare

The reasons clients in healthcare want TClarke are straightforward. 

Firstly, many healthcare projects have a far higher M&E component (maybe 50%) than standard construction projects (maybe 30%). As such, the M&E elements are often dominant and it helps the construction programme if you can reflect that in your approach which of course we can.

Thirdly, our technical leadership is substantial and valuable.

Secondly, our work in this and other regions on relevant projects – from primary care centres, schools, and police stations to hospitals and universities – shows that we have a very long and successful track record of working in the sector – very often in a live working environment – to deliver projects. 

We have deep professional relationships with global medical equipment manufacturers, particularly through our manufacture of specialist controls and turnkey scanning suite installation capabilities.

We have world class engineering expertise – not just in London but across this and other regions – which allows us to deliver complex world scale medical and research facilities – as we’ve done at Derriford. So we can handle complexity of the highest order.

Fourthly – and this is exciticing – our partnership with Gooee means we also offer leadership and innovation in integrated building management systems. These have the potential to substantially enhance energy savings and control and improve patient environments.

High quality, High value work

This work is often complex, often taking place in challenging environments and always requiring the highest standards from start to finish. It is exactly the kind of high quality, higher value work that TClarke targets and so it is very good to find ourselves on the list for this Framework.